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Adversarial Fork - Pools with more than one node as leader slot
Name ID Blocks
[0FEE] 0 FEE #1 15c7b5f50d25fe58fd5c6af53c5341830fca37786790f38e1365f969b4980783 #610008
[JAPAN] TokyoStaker 22918d97016b766a9326aedef35c938153efc2778ab68dbda20c6b29d32a799d #609768
[ZZZ2] CardanoZ 01bd272cede02d0b0c9cd47b16e5356ab3fb2330dd9d1e972ab5494365309d2a #609764
[KTN] KATANA 365dd6d1c2dc73323e886007016e988203ec90e026ff4653eb68f5ca87215434 #611237
[KTN3] KATANA 515edfa301325bf8fc2c68adf2e0f73e3ea3bd46676037f1c6b374100e546847 #613713
[JAZZ3] JAZZ3 6308e926514884df123a6b6532804738158895eafcc0fbc8fb53e306959a8565 #609772
[EVIL] evilpool 5c098031635cd091a6ba3760c49584e710ca3cd716878db0011261084b572c12 #612335 #613011
Other - Network attacking
Name ID Blocks

Adversarial forks - when one pool have multiple instances with same keys and is creating more than one block

Data source: our own research from multiple nodes + datafeed by - thanks Carp!