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The site is intended to serve those who do not fully understand the details of delegation. This is a list of pools that are likely to generate profits. If you delegate ADA coins to one of these pools, you should also benefit from it.

The conditions for listing a pool can be found at the bottom of the page. Complete list of pools can be found here.

Best performing stable pools for new delegations

# Name ROA Live Stake Live Stake 24h change

About algorithm

  • pool share <= 0.8%
    we recommend only pools with some stake reserve (against saturation)
  • pool ROA >= 70% of pool #1
  • live stake > 70% AND < 140% than average stake in last 1 days
    required for stability for new delegators; protection against whale delegations which are new/removed
  • in last 1 epochs was > 70% epochs minted with 1+ blocks
  • trophy icon ROA >= 80% of pool #1
  • ROA is a ceiling with value 18%