You are now on incentivized testnet pools. Check Haskel Testnet (Cardano-Node, FF)

The site is intended to serve those who do not fully understand the details of delegation. This is a list of pools that are likely to generate profits. If you delegate ADA coins to one of these pools, you should also benefit from it.

The conditions for listing a pool can be found at the bottom of the page. Complete list of pools can be found here.

Best performing stable pools for new delegations

# Name ROA Live Stake Live Stake 24h change
1. [FRGL] frugalpool 16.9% 4.49M ada +60.78k ada
2. [BLTN] Better Late Than Never 15% 1.64M ada +1.28k ada
3. [2PCT0] 2 Percent Stake Pool - #0 14.7% 8.79M ada +2.53k ada
4. [2PCT7] 2 Percent Stake Pool - #7 13.5% 8.16M ada +1.68k ada
5. [L0VE] lovelacepool 13.2% 8.48M ada +3.37k ada
6. [KOHA] KOHA by Kiwipool Staking 13% 13.78M ada +3.33k ada
7. [TOBG] TOBG Community Stake Pool 12.6% 24.34M ada +6.11k ada
8. [BSP] Brothership Pool 12.5% 11.03M ada +4.20k ada
9. [4ADA3] 12.4% 3.70M ada +0.92k ada
10. [TAPSX] TapTap Vienna #2 12.2% 27.19M ada +6.68k ada
11. [ACL] A CardanoLand Stake Pool 12.1% 6.76M ada +1.62k ada
12. [1UP] Unspent Pool 12% 11.78M ada +3.99k ada
13. [ARM1] ArmADA Stake Pool 11.8% 7.46M ada +3.92k ada

About algorithm

  • pool share <= 0.8%
    we recommend only pools with some stake reserve (against saturation)
  • pool ROA >= 70% of pool #1
  • live stake > 70% AND < 140% than average stake in last 13 days
    required for stability for new delegators; protection against whale delegations which are new/removed
  • in last 13 epochs was > 70% epochs minted with 1+ blocks
  • trophy icon ROA >= 80% of pool #1
  • ROA is a ceiling with value 18%